Why Monaflex Tyre Systems

A superior repair every time

Simple, efficient and using the highest quality components, Monaflex Repair Systems guarantee accurately applied heat and pressure for superior quality repairs. 

Monaflex Tyre Repair Systems are:

Easy to use

Little training is required for all our systems as they are user friendly.


Assembly is fast as the system comprises minimal components. Plus, simultaneous internal and external vulcanisation means quicker repairs.


Monaflex systems are fully field portable as they are easy to transport and store. No need for traditional heavy-weight machinery.

Simple requirements

All that's needed is a 240V single phase power supply and clean air supply (minimum 50psi).

Quality components

Super tough yet lightweight. Every Monaflex components passes rigorous quality assurance testing.

Durable, quality repairs

Applying the correct pressure exactly where needed means a stronger, distortion-free repair every time and exceptional durability.

Support and training

Unlimited personalised technical support and multiple training options via the Monaflex training acadamy.

Sustained innovation

An investment in innovation means continuous improvement. Take a look at the latest generation of R-Type components.

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