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A perfectly moulded repair that is the strongest in the industry

Doing away with traditional heavy machinery, Monaflex developed a lightweight yet tough system that provides a distortion-free, long-lasting repair to tyres of all sizes.

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A simple set up that...

Increases productivity and saves money in 5 ways


Faster repairs

The Monaflex system is far quicker than other systems, as the required temperature for vulcanisation is uniformly applied to the repair area from both the inside and outside of the tyre. This means the patch and the plug can be cured at the same time. Curing time is quicker, which means less downtime for your vehicles.

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Longer lasting repairs

Heavy-duty inflatable airbags provide consistent pressure allowing for total conformity to the profile of the tyre. The result is a distortion-free, feather edged repair which is stronger than any other.

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Tough design, superior quality

Using durable heat pads and hard wearing airbags, Monaflex operates a stringent manufacturing quality assurance system, from comprehensive testing of raw materials through to the issuing of individual ‘product passports’ to document pre-despatch testing. This process ensures all Monaflex equipment is ready to face the harshest environments with full warranty protection.

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Portable and easy to use

Designed for easy assembly by a single operator, the Monaflex system can collapse down to a compact size making transport and storage easy. With no heavy metalworks, even the complete system for repair of the largest tyres in the world can be transported in the back of a regular car, making mobile repair services and multi-site operations a possibility.

Our new R-Type components they’re are stronger, and lighter, still

Why monaflex


A system tailored to your needs

With this system you can lower initial setup costs by only purchasing the equipment you need to repair a specific range of tyres. You can always expand at a later date as your tyre range extends. The full Monaflex system will cover a wider range than any other on the market. Each system can repair the sidewall, shoulder and crown without the need for extra components.

Why monaflex
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Consistent good quality repairs each time. It’s easy to transport the equipment and easy to use it. Easy and quick to assemble and dismantle after use. 

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India's premier OTR tyre repair specialists

Monaflex benefits my business by providing equipment to complete the large repairs that cannot be achieved with other cooking methods. My Monaflex representative is a great help providing quick and clear responses to any issues I have, as well as listening and improving in any way I ask.
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Tyre Repair Operation, Australia

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