Our Anniversary: 60 years as tyre repair experts!

It is 60 years since Stan Elderfield founded Monaflex and championed a tyre repair solution. Innovation remains at the heart of the Monaflex ethos. 

Whilst designing, and managing, the installation of mechanical plant equipment for tMonaflex - 60 years of innovation and service excellencehe cement and steel industry, Stan saw the need for a more effective tyre repair solution. We successfully pioneered a lighter, portable and more effective tyre repair solution. This revolutionary method of repair changed the industry standard and became what is now known today as the Monaflex Tyre Repair System.

Since then we have expanded our range of systems to cover every tyre size and type on the market. With systems installed around the world, and in every conceivable type of tyre repair operation, we have come across every type of repair challenge out there.

Today we use our lengthy and varied industry experience to save our customers time and money via operational and technical support, the Monaflex training academy and of course the Monaflex tyre repair system.

We’ll be celebrating the last 60 years throughout 2021. Watch this space!

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