Our Heat Pads, as with all Monaflex products, are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. They provide consummate flexibility and incomparable durability. Multiple
It’s no secret we love big tyres but the trend for larger, more powerful farm machinery has driven many to examine whether tracks or
The investment in tyres for a fleet is significant and a quality repair programme adds significant value.
It is 60 years since Stan Elderfield founded Monaflex and championed a tyre repair solution. Innovation remains at the heart of the Monaflex ethos. 

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Consistent good quality repairs each time. It’s easy to transport the equipment and easy to use it. Easy and quick to assemble and dismantle after use. 

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India's premier OTR tyre repair specialists

Monaflex benefits my business by providing equipment to complete the large repairs that cannot be achieved with other cooking methods. My Monaflex representative is a great help providing quick and clear responses to any issues I have, as well as listening and improving in any way I ask.
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Tyre Repair Operation, Australia

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