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The Monaflex Tyre Repair System

A perfectly moulded repair that is the strongest in the industry

Doing away with traditional heavy machinery, Monaflex developed a lightweight yet tough system that provides a distortion-free, long-lasting repair to tyres of all sizes.

Watch our brief video below to see how the system works.

Hot vulcanisation tyre repair systems
OTR Sidewall Repair System

How it works

The Repair 

Following inspection, damaged material around the injury on the outside of the tyre is removed and replaced with rubber compound. The penetration through the inner liner is covered with a flexible reinforced patch.

The Process

Monaflex pioneered the use of airbags to apply the required pressure for vulcanising whilst also conforming perfectly with the complex contours of the tyre. Combined with the application of heat via flexible, heavy duty heat pads the vulcanised repairs are uniformly smooth and feather edged – giving even greater adhesion and repairs that will outlast the tyre.


When the new repair is heated under pressure, a chemical reaction in the uncured soft rubber causes the molecules to begin ‘crosslinking’ with other molecules. After a period of time this will cause the uncured rubber to become much harder and durable whilst also firmly adhering to the original tyre structure. With the Monaflex System a repair can be made that will be virtually undistinguishable from the tyre around it.

Inside the Monaflex Repair System

How we increase productivity...

Our system...

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Consistent good quality repairs each time. It’s easy to transport the equipment and easy to use it. Easy and quick to assemble and dismantle after use. 

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India's premier OTR tyre repair specialists

Monaflex benefits my business by providing equipment to complete the large repairs that cannot be achieved with other cooking methods. My Monaflex representative is a great help providing quick and clear responses to any issues I have, as well as listening and improving in any way I ask.
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Tyre Repair Operation, Australia

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